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MX Gone Snipe Huntin' (2001)

MX has once again flipped the script and has redrawn the musical landscape of the Radical Universe Featuring space-ace guitarisms, stellar vocal exhibitions, urban street rhythms and that legendary millenium metal attitude that MX has become known for; Gone Snipe Huntin’ will be the new funk to follow. The “Snipe” CD contains some of the most progressive and daring feats of musicianship, song arrangement, and lyricism; from a project that tested the very limits of digital-audio technology.

The song Nothing's Free features Kristopher Von Terrell, son of Rad Ray Terrell, on drums. The full-length MX Rage CD Coveralbum contains 12 tracks of new material that forever shatters all notions of how music will be percieved in the future.

MX - Gone Snipe Huntin' Tracks: