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The MX Superhero Comic Series

 Trucks are being loaded at the Radical, Inc. building when the quiet morning air is split by the shriek of incoming missiles. Immediately the leader of the band security squad, Fuse, warns the band of attack by alien weaponry. Realizing what they must do the four musicians merge into the collective entity MX. MX Superhero Comic Issue #1

Above them an evil embodiment of rage scans the skyline, Scudface, and volly of high tech missles rain down from the skys to flush out his quarry.

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Issue #2

MX Superhero Issue #2


MX The Superhero Series Issue #2

The band finds themselves in the Middle East as the exhaustive fight with Scud has forced them to resume human form. More Deathlords emerge to aide Scud in seeking out the band and their Camrunean security team The Watch . This issue concludes the Scud story with the magnificent early art work of Todd Nauck.Journey with MX to the Radical Universe where they combat the forces of Yantan Deathlordz for the future of humanity. Rad Ray Publishing © 1998

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